Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow, Snow...yes it's March!

It is hard to believe that on the 2nd of March...we have snow on the ground! But it is true. It rained almost all day yesterday and then started snowing at some point during the night. This morning when I went in to get Bobby up, he saw the snow and started saying..."snow play, snow play, snow play." I was able to get him to eat some breakfast, and because he was so distracted I was even able to throw some spinach in with his scrambled eggs...sneaky mommy! But as soon as he took the last bite, we were off to get dressed.

I'm not sure that I could live somewhere that it snows all the is a lot of work getting both of us bundled up and ready to go. But Bobby had a great time and it is worth it to see the big smile on his face. This was a much wetter snow, so we didn't last too long...but maybe we'll venture out again when dada gets home.


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