Monday, March 16, 2009

Elly turns two

This weekend, I went on a weekend get away all by myself. My best friend's daughter, Elly, was celebrating her second birthday. So I packed up the car and headed to Virginia, leaving Bobby and Sam for a boy's weekend. They had a great time and I enjoyed my time away. Missed the guys, but had plenty to keep me busy, so it was fun. I went to Christiansburg on Friday afternoon, helped make a cake...or should I say watched and did some taste testing, and then headed to Clifton Forge in the wee hours of the night. The party was Saturday and we had a great time. I always enjoy my time with the Houff's, and they are always so welcoming to me. I feel like part of the family. Sadly, I have a black eye right now, from a tickling incident gone bad...can we say parental abuse? So I'm not in any of the pictures...but here are a few of the Houffs and of course the birthday girl!

The beautiful handmade cake

The birthday girl

Emilee, Elly and Emma

Aunt Meredith, Uncle Kerby and Aunt Helen

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