Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2nd Hair Cut

Today I took Bobby to get his second hair cut. It was long overdue, and he now looks so much like a big boy. Even more so than after his first hair cut. He did really well, although he was much more of a wiggle worm than he was the first time. But I guess that was to be expected since he only continues to get more and more busy with each passing day. Bobby's friend Brady also got a hair cut, so they were able to help entertain each other. Brady also looks like such a big boy now!! It is amazing how quickly they are growing up.

Army of Dolls

You may wonder what these strange army of naked dolls are...well, these are actually when finished, going to be Mary and Joseph dolls for the church bazaar. I helped mom stuff the bodies and the arms, so I feel a wierd sense of possession over them. Can't wait to see how they turn out...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Water Baby

Bobby and I have just returned from almost two weeks in Wilmington. We had a great time, and Bobby is certainly a little water baby. Every day we spent either in the "pool", the water way, on the boat,or at the Seaside Club. I was hesitant about the ocean because I had heard that kids were afraid of the waves...well not Bobby. As soon as we got there, he was running straight for and into the waves. He was delighted and laughing out loud as the waves were crashing all around us and knocking him over. It was so much fun for me to watch him be so fearless. But also a bit scary because I realized that I can truly never take my eyes off of him, nor do we sit still for more than a minute of two. And my back was paying for the wave jumping the next day:)

He was also never a stranger to any child playing anywhere around him on the beach. He would just walk over, sit down and look at the kids, as if to say, "so what are we playing?" Fortunately, most of the other kids were very nice and tolerant of Bobby.

But overall, the summer has been wonderful and I am so grateful for all of the time that we have had to play and enjoy the outdoors. And of course the messier we get the better. I have decided that there truly is little that a mother won't do for their child...I do not like to sit in the sand, but I spent quite a bit of time with a bathing suit full of sand!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today my dad and I went kayaking while Bobby was napping (thanks mom for listening for Bobby). It was so nice to be out on the water, and it was such a different experience than being out on a boat. It is so peaceful and quiet, just gliding along. You even notice things that you don't see when you are on a boat. I am quite the inexperienced kayaker though, and was lagging behind a bit...but dad led the way and I followed! Although we only went about a mile or so, it felt like a much longer ride. It is quite the workout on the arms, but once we were flowing with the tide and wind, I felt like a speedy gonzalez!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Digger Time

Poppy made one of Bobby's dreams come true...he was able to get up close and personal with a dig, dig!! G.G. and I watched as Bobby and Poppy drove around and moved dirt in the front end loader. I'm not sure who had more fun, Bobby or Pop! I was afraid that the loud noise would upset Bobby, but he had a HUGE grin on his face the entire time. Every time that Pop loaded up the bucket, Bobby would watch as it was lifted up and then yell "GO" to begin the was so great to see the two "boys" having so much fun together. I'm sure that we will be visiting the "dig, digs many times in the future.

The boys in action

Finnish Baking

As part of our week in Wilmington, my mom, sister, Tuula, Jennifer and I had a Finnish baking session. We made Karalian Pies, which is a Finnish pastry that has always been a favorite in our family. It was a wonderful morning and a treat for me to experience the baking process, as I have never been able to make it to the baking sessions before. I must say that it was quite involved, but once everyone had their duties straight, we moved quickly along. Tuula of course had everything ready and organized. The finished products turned out delicious (all 200 of them) and were very pretty if I do say so myself...thanks to "the pincher", "the stuffer", "the cutter", "the roller" and "the over seeer"!!

The group in action

"The pincher and the stuffer"

Who knew that an Italian pasta maker would be used to make Finnish pastries!

And the finished product...