Wednesday, August 18, 2010


On a rather warm day in Wilmington, GG and I took the kids bowling. I wasn't sure how Bobby would do, but he truly seemed to enjoy himself. He didn't quite have enough power behind his throws, so sometimes he lost interest before the ball even made it down to the pins, but we had a good time. It is definitely something that we will do again. And sadly, although I won, it wasn't by all that much!

More Beach Time

The latest week at Wrightsville Beach was with the Long side of the family. Almost all of the cousins were there for the week, and we spent ALL day every day at the Hanover Seaside Club. Some nights Sam and Bobby stayed and swam until after 9pm!! I couldn't believe that we had such a swimmer on our hands. And although Samantha and I went home earlier, she was an absolute little trooper for the entire week. It was truly a joy to watch all the boys (they are all boys except for Samantha) play and enjoy their time together. GG and Poppy spent most of the week with us too, so that was a wonderful treat for everyone. We also went to the aquarium one day because it rained. And once again, Bobby, Andrew, Cooper and Samantha had a great time. And to watch all the boys dote on Samantha is wonderful. I look forward to many years and summers together by the sea!

Bathing Beauty

The boys fished for and caught fish, shrimp and crabs
Andrew, master fisherman

An attempt to get all the cousins together, minus Samantha

And everyone enjoying the water

Pool Time

This summer we joined a local pool, so the time that we haven't been at the beach (which has been most of the summer), we are trying to enjoy some time in the pool. With 90+ degree days, it's one of the few things that is enjoyable to do outside. Bobby started the summer somewhat afraid of the water and is now jumping in by himself, swimming with his floatie and going off the diving board. I am truly amazed at the progress that he has made. Samantha enjoys the water too...but I don't have any pics of her because I am usually the only one there with the kids and haven't mastered how to get a picture of her:)

At the Porter's Neck Country Club....thanks Tuula and Jennifer

Getting ready
And he's off

Swimming to the side

He was so proud of himself and I can honestly say that I was really proud of him too!!