Friday, May 30, 2008


Today my friends and I took the little ones to the Marbles museum in downtown Raleigh. Bobby had a great time. I think that he is teething though, so he would not give up the pacifier. And if he didn't have that in his mouth, then everything else was in there. He had a great time playing with all the exhibits...riding in every type of car available...playing in water world and climbing on the Pirate ship...LegoLand...and the list goes on and on.

~ The first exhibit is All About Town ~
Bobby and Easton learning to drive a Raleigh City Bus

Bobby and Easton taking turns in the convertible

Planting veggies in the garden

Enjoying the train table with Easton, or stealing all the trains from Easton

Taking a break in the horse (or as Bobbys says "neigh, neigh") stable

~ On to the Water World Exhibit ~

Heather getting Bobby suited up in his apron

Bobby splashing the water all over everyone else. He figured out how to make it splash, and was happy as a clam

Time to dry off

~ And we ended the day upstairs in the Bright Ideas section ~

Lego Land, and all he wanted to do was knock everything over

Playing chess with life size pieces, or at least Bobby size

And heading home, a weary little boy

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We had an impromptu get together today with all of our neighbors. For such short notice, quite a spread was put out and the kids (as usual) had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone for all of the delicious food and entertainment. Bobby's favorites of the afternoon were playing like a big boy, meaning wearing the helmet and riding the skate board. And the huge winner was the icee pop. This was his first time eating an ice pop, and he made a huge mess, but loved every minute of it!

A skater in the making

The wagon was a source of great entertainment for Parker and Bobby

The Icee Pop was a huge success, although very messy

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Red Chair

Bobby now has a new favorite thing, and that is his red chair. He loves to sit in the chair, cuddle up with a blankie and his stuffed animals and watch some Curious George. He has been doing this a lot this week, since he has had a stuffy nose and is cutting a molar, and got three shots at his 15 month appt on Monday...we have been miserable at moments! But overall, he has been a trooper.

He has learned how to sign for "more", although he says it to, but it is still fun to watch. But still goes with the sign for please whenever he wants something. And if the results are not immediate, he begins with a good old temper tantrum...yes, I believe that the terrible twos have begun.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

We spent Mother's Day weekend in Wilmington, and it was wonderful to be able to spend time and celebrate with all the mothers in our lives. Unfortunately, I left my camera there, so posts in the near future will have to be done through words.

We had a great time with the Foys and the Longs throughout our visit. Bobby was the center of attention and loved every minute of it!! My mom and I made some homemade strawberry was quite the experience but worth it!

And Bobby, my dad and Sam made us a wonderful Mother's Day breakfast...Egg's Benedict with fresh asparagus, delicious!!

So hopefully we will have some pictures to post sometime soon. Love to all and we hope that everyone had a good Mother's Day.