Friday, May 22, 2009

Play time

I have been doing so much packing that I have felt a little neglectful of Bobby's "fun" time. So yesterday we had the SuperDuper Playdate at my friend Sue's house...I think that there were 14 kids and babies present! I forgot my camera, but needless to say, Bobby had a wonderful time. Sue had all kinds of outdoor stuff for them to play with (bikes, bubbles, water table, etc). All the moms brought a contribution to lunch and fun was had by all. Thanks Sue for such a fun day! Bobby was so tired (and didn't get a nap due to the repairs being done on our house) that he slept almost 13 hours last night!!!!

So this morning I decided to continue his fun and let him do some painting. I found a canvas while going through stuff, so I thought that he would enjoy making another master piece. Well, what started as a regular painting session...ended with a human canvas. As he finished off his artwork, he then began to paint himself. I had taken his shirt off when we started and I should have known that when he asked to "take pant off"...something was running through his little mind. But he had a great time and we have another piece of art for our new house! Enjoy the pictures below.

The finished products!

Monday, May 18, 2009


I ran by the new house yesterday and progress is being made. The yard has been lanscaped (very nicely), the painting has begun and the "extra" room has been sheetrocked. I think that the tile work begins this week...Yeah!

As for the old house...repairs are being made this week and the movers are scheduled for next's really happening. I'll try to keep everyone posted.

Monday, May 11, 2009

We're Moving!

Well, Sam and I decided to try and see if our house would sell and if so, if we could find something that we liked. We had decided to move to the Clayton area because we can get so much more house and land for our money. And we will end up being about 45 minutes closer to Wilmington!

So our house went on the market, and in the first two weeks we got an offer! It all happened very quickly. We started looking for houses and found one that we like too! The new house is in a neighborhood called Summerset Place in Clayton. It is brand new construction so I was able to choose all the finishing touches last week: cabinets, granite, tile, paint, hardwoods, all the light fixtures, etc. It has been a bit overwhelming, but fun to make all of these decisions.

We close on our house in Raleigh on May 29 and the new house will be ready on June 19. So Bobby and I will be heading to the beach for 3 weeks while we wait for the new house. So watch out we come:)