Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bobby turns 3!!!

This past weekend we had a birthday celebration for Bobby with family and a few friends. I truly can not believe that he is 3!! He is growing up so quickly and time is just passing us by. Bobby is definitely turning into a little man all on his own. He talks constantly, runs constantly, and tests all boundaries given to him. But he also is the sweetest little guy in the world. Nothing makes me happier than when he says "I love you mommy", for no reason other than to say it:) My heart just melts. And as smart as he is, he is learning that it can get him out of a lot of trouble too:) Here are some pictures...enjoy!
The birthday boy

Little sister in her party dress

The "digger" cake requested by Bobby

The sandbox that daddy made for the birthday boy

Taking rides on the tractor wagon in the backyard

One Month....

Well, she is actually almost 6 weeks old and it is truly hard for me to believe that time is going by so quickly! Samantha is doing great and we are all adjusting pretty well. At her 4 week checkup, she was in the 75% for both height and weight, so she is totally proportional! Nursing continues to go well, and other than her nightly crying fits, we are doing great! Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks. Hopefully as the sleeping improves, my posting will improve:)
Going for our first walk

Bath time

Some cute smiles

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Days!

Well, the weathermen finally got a forecast correct...or at least sort of!! The prediction was for 5-12 inches of snow. But I think that we ended up with about 3-4 inches of snow and unfortunately, about an inch or more of ice under the snow.

But Bobby has truly enjoyed all of his time in the snow. He has been sledding, hiking, made snow angels, snow balls and everything else. Unfortunately due to the snow/ice, GG has been unable to leave (not that we have minded), and Sam has had to do some major work trying to shovel the cars out. Hopefully GG will be able to make it home today, and so the true test for me begins...both kids on my own:)

Getting ready to head out

Taking plowing into his own hands

My little snow angel