Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last week, my parents invited us to all spend a week in the mountains at Wintergreen Resort. We had a wonderful time. We hiked, hot tubbed, ate, danced, and had a lot of quality family time. It was wonderful to watch Carson and Bobby spend so much time together...hours were spent playing outside, inside and in the hot tub. Thank you mom and dad for such a great week.

The house

The view from the deck

Samantha enjoying the leaves


Thank you for a wonderful week, mom and dad!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin time....

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch with the Parks family. This is an annual event and we had a great time. It was unusually hot, so in my mind, I just tried to pretend that it was a nice cool fall day. All of this while sweating it out in the almost 90 degree weather!!! Unfortunately, I didn't get a ton of pics, but here are a few....hopefully I will have some more fall pictures in the weeks to come.

There were pumpkins

Tractors to climb on

Diggers to play on

And hay to play on

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Their relationship grows and grows....

I absolutely LOVE watching the relationship between brother and sister grow more and more. Each day they play together more and interact more. Samantha is so in love with her big brother. Whatever he is doing or where ever he happens to be, she wants to be a part of it. And one of my favorite things is to listen while we are in the car, and they just make each other giggle back and is so precious. I can't wait to see as their bond grows and grows.

On the move!

Samantha is officially on the move....and once she started, she has not slowed down! It is amazing to see how quickly she has mastered crawling. She was a little rocky in the beginning, but now there is NO stopping her. And if she really wants something or to get to somewhere (like any open door) she kicks it into turbo drive. She is such a cutie these days. Her personality is really beginning to shine through. Her little giggles and shrieks of joy just bring smiles to all of our faces.