Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Visit to Maryland

Bobby, my mom, dad and I all went to Maryland to visit Jenni, Jon and Carson. We were able to see their new house, and spend some quality time together. A great time was had by everyone, even though there were some trying moments, but that is to be expected when little ones are involved!! The Smiths have a beautiful new house, and as always, were great hosts. Jenni cooked amazing meals and we had a great time.

A breakfast spent at the Airpark Cafe to watch the planes take off and land was a great success

Card players in the making

A tuckered out Bobby on the drive home

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Farm Days

This week, Bobby and I went to the NC State Farm Days. Bobby had a wonderful time seeing all of the animals and getting to pet some too....I think that his favorite were the baby chicks (born only that morning)!

Bobby loved the baby chick

Checking out the sheep

And the baby goats

The cows from Bobby's perspective (which brought on a HUGE smile)

And Bobby's newest "skill" winking (although it is both eyes at the same time)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trip to Wilmington

Bobby and I have been in Wilmington for the past week or so. We had a great time visiting everyone, even though Bobby caught a cold while we were there. We went out out to the camp, the Farmer's Market and had some great visits with his great grandmothers.

Bobby and Daddy playing on the BIG tractor at the camp

Meeting the newest puppy in the family

Opening day of the Farmers Market