Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Visit to Maryland

Bobby, my mom, dad and I all went to Maryland to visit Jenni, Jon and Carson. We were able to see their new house, and spend some quality time together. A great time was had by everyone, even though there were some trying moments, but that is to be expected when little ones are involved!! The Smiths have a beautiful new house, and as always, were great hosts. Jenni cooked amazing meals and we had a great time.

A breakfast spent at the Airpark Cafe to watch the planes take off and land was a great success

Card players in the making

A tuckered out Bobby on the drive home

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Jon & Jenni said...

We loved having you! You were the ones who endured the hardship of our 3 year old! Bobby was such a blessing to have! Can't wait for the summer.

The Smiths