Friday, December 11, 2009

Annual Graham Cracker House adventure

My friend Sue courageously had all of us over again this year to make graham cracker/ginger bread houses. To say that it was chaotic is a bit of an understatement. We had about 8 almost 3 year olds running around and 3 8-9 month olds crawling around....but fun was had by all, and that is truly the important part.

Bobby was of course more interested in stuffing candy in his mouth, than actually putting it on the house. And in the rush to try and get things to a point that he could decorate, the architect (mommy) had some issues. So our house fell apart and did not even make it to our house.

But like I said, fun was had by all....or at least by the kids, and the mommies enjoyed the pizza that we ordered and the time together. This pregnant mommy was exhausted by the time we got home:)

Heather working with the kids

The construction site

Bobby's finished, although falling apart house

All of the kids...blurry because they wouldn't be still for long

And a belly shot for those I haven't seen in a while

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Has Landed

Christmas has landed at our new house in Clayton. The tree has been purchased, decorated and the stockings have been hung. And that is about all that will be done this year. With the newest member of our family to arrive very soon, I am trying to decorate with as little to clean up afterwards:)

We went to get our tree this past weekend...the weather was bad...cold and rainy, but we got a great tree. Bobby ran around and played chase with some older kids that he thought were playing with him. So it was really left to mom and dad to pick out the perfect tree. We then brought it home and let it dry off and began the decorating Sunday morning.

Bobby was really excited to decorate the tree and enjoyed putting ornaments on with much concentration. Most of them ended up in the same general area, but that was alright. I just enjoyed watching him have fun.

The Elf on the Shelf (named Mervin) in our house, has also made his way into the house. I don't know that Bobby really understands what Mervin's job is, but he has had a wonderful time trying to find him each and every morning. And asking me "how did he get there mommma? Is he magic?" It is truly a wonderful experience to witness Christmas (and everything else for that matter) through the eyes of a little one.
A wet tree hunting adventure

Decorating is serious business

And the finished projects

I'm a bit behind...please forgive me

Thanksgiving was once again spent in Wilmington with the entire Long and Foy families. We had Thanksgiving Day lunch at Sam's family's camp. It is rare that we are able to get all of the cousins together, so it was great to see them all running around and enjoying the camp, as I'm sure that their mommies and daddies did when they were that age. Of course all the boys were decked out in their camo, and I thought that next year, I will have to find some pink camo, so that this little girl doesn't feel left out:)

My sister Jenni and her family were also in town for the weekend, so it was wonderful to see and spend some quality time with them. It is amazing to watch how each visit, Bobby and Carson (my nephew) get along better and better, and to watch little Miss Jade grow!

Although I am continuing to grow and get worn out easily, we had a great time together! I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday too! Here are some pictures of the time that we had together, unfortunately, I didn't take too many....I'll try to make up for it at Christmas.
Bobby and his cousins

Tanya and Jade

And of course, the annual Foy family photo op

Thanks Mom and Dad for another great Thanksgiving in Scotts Hill