Friday, December 11, 2009

Annual Graham Cracker House adventure

My friend Sue courageously had all of us over again this year to make graham cracker/ginger bread houses. To say that it was chaotic is a bit of an understatement. We had about 8 almost 3 year olds running around and 3 8-9 month olds crawling around....but fun was had by all, and that is truly the important part.

Bobby was of course more interested in stuffing candy in his mouth, than actually putting it on the house. And in the rush to try and get things to a point that he could decorate, the architect (mommy) had some issues. So our house fell apart and did not even make it to our house.

But like I said, fun was had by all....or at least by the kids, and the mommies enjoyed the pizza that we ordered and the time together. This pregnant mommy was exhausted by the time we got home:)

Heather working with the kids

The construction site

Bobby's finished, although falling apart house

All of the kids...blurry because they wouldn't be still for long

And a belly shot for those I haven't seen in a while

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