Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meeting my niece!

I would like to introduce those that haven't met her yet to my new niece...Jade Lydia Smith! Last week, Bobby and I went to my parents to meet the newest addition to the family. And I must say that she is an absolutely adorable little princess. Bobby and Carson had a great time doing all kinds of fun things with Papa...the Children's Museum, Chick-Fil-A, the park, and plenty of time digging in the dirt. And of course getting into all kinds of mischief all on their own. I have learned that you can not underestimate the talents and abilities of a 2 and four year old:)Mummu made wonderful meals...including a "picnic" dinner on the deck in the freezing cold. The neighbors probably thought we were a bit crazy!

I can't wait until the next visit to see how much Jade has grown, and to see if Bobby continues to love his "baby Jade." He was so cute wanting to know where she was all the time and always trying to take care of her. Here a few pictures that I took, sorry that I don't have more.

Captain Pirate Carson

First Mate Bobby

In the brigg

Reading books together

Watching TV in Mummu and Papa's room

Trying to capture the beautiful curls

Monday, March 16, 2009

Elly turns two

This weekend, I went on a weekend get away all by myself. My best friend's daughter, Elly, was celebrating her second birthday. So I packed up the car and headed to Virginia, leaving Bobby and Sam for a boy's weekend. They had a great time and I enjoyed my time away. Missed the guys, but had plenty to keep me busy, so it was fun. I went to Christiansburg on Friday afternoon, helped make a cake...or should I say watched and did some taste testing, and then headed to Clifton Forge in the wee hours of the night. The party was Saturday and we had a great time. I always enjoy my time with the Houff's, and they are always so welcoming to me. I feel like part of the family. Sadly, I have a black eye right now, from a tickling incident gone bad...can we say parental abuse? So I'm not in any of the pictures...but here are a few of the Houffs and of course the birthday girl!

The beautiful handmade cake

The birthday girl

Emilee, Elly and Emma

Aunt Meredith, Uncle Kerby and Aunt Helen

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow, Snow...yes it's March!

It is hard to believe that on the 2nd of March...we have snow on the ground! But it is true. It rained almost all day yesterday and then started snowing at some point during the night. This morning when I went in to get Bobby up, he saw the snow and started saying..."snow play, snow play, snow play." I was able to get him to eat some breakfast, and because he was so distracted I was even able to throw some spinach in with his scrambled eggs...sneaky mommy! But as soon as he took the last bite, we were off to get dressed.

I'm not sure that I could live somewhere that it snows all the is a lot of work getting both of us bundled up and ready to go. But Bobby had a great time and it is worth it to see the big smile on his face. This was a much wetter snow, so we didn't last too long...but maybe we'll venture out again when dada gets home.