Friday, May 22, 2009

Play time

I have been doing so much packing that I have felt a little neglectful of Bobby's "fun" time. So yesterday we had the SuperDuper Playdate at my friend Sue's house...I think that there were 14 kids and babies present! I forgot my camera, but needless to say, Bobby had a wonderful time. Sue had all kinds of outdoor stuff for them to play with (bikes, bubbles, water table, etc). All the moms brought a contribution to lunch and fun was had by all. Thanks Sue for such a fun day! Bobby was so tired (and didn't get a nap due to the repairs being done on our house) that he slept almost 13 hours last night!!!!

So this morning I decided to continue his fun and let him do some painting. I found a canvas while going through stuff, so I thought that he would enjoy making another master piece. Well, what started as a regular painting session...ended with a human canvas. As he finished off his artwork, he then began to paint himself. I had taken his shirt off when we started and I should have known that when he asked to "take pant off"...something was running through his little mind. But he had a great time and we have another piece of art for our new house! Enjoy the pictures below.

The finished products!

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Tricia said...

Hey Kristiina! I love both paintings! Good luck with the move!