Saturday, July 5, 2008

Finnish Baking

As part of our week in Wilmington, my mom, sister, Tuula, Jennifer and I had a Finnish baking session. We made Karalian Pies, which is a Finnish pastry that has always been a favorite in our family. It was a wonderful morning and a treat for me to experience the baking process, as I have never been able to make it to the baking sessions before. I must say that it was quite involved, but once everyone had their duties straight, we moved quickly along. Tuula of course had everything ready and organized. The finished products turned out delicious (all 200 of them) and were very pretty if I do say so myself...thanks to "the pincher", "the stuffer", "the cutter", "the roller" and "the over seeer"!!

The group in action

"The pincher and the stuffer"

Who knew that an Italian pasta maker would be used to make Finnish pastries!

And the finished product...

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