Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a busy day....we had a lot of "prepping" to do to be ready for the big jolly man's arrival. When we visited Santa, he told Bobby that chocolate chip were his favorite kind of cookie. So we had to make cookies. And then in the afternoon we sprinkled magic reindeer food in the yard. The glitter and oats make it possible and easier for Rudolph and the reindeer to find our house....a very important element of the whole Christmas least according to Bobby.

We always spend Christmas Eve with GG and Poppy on the boat. But unfortunately, I didn't take very many pictures on the boat. I was dealing with some major sleep deprivation that finally caught up with me right in time for Christmas. But the kids had a great time, and I enjoyed beginning all kinds of fun traditions with my little guy and can't wait for next year when Samantha can join in the fun too:)

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