Sunday, November 1, 2009


This year was really fun with Bobby. He has been so into everything Halloween...the decorations, costumes and programs on tv. So when we went shopping for his costume, he said that he wanted to be a "pooky ghost", but changed his mind once he saw the "pooky skeleton." And that was it, not the cute costume that mommy was hoping for, but he has been so excited about it. Every day he has told me, "it's almost Halloween time."

So when yesterday arrived, he wanted to go trick or treating right away...and didn't really understand having to wait. But overall, he did really well having to wait ALL DAY LONG.

When the time came, he got in his costume, headed outside and that was all she wrote. Thankfully, one of our neighbors has a trailer, had it filled with hay and drove the kids around the neighborhood. That also meant that I got a ride in the truck and didn't have to walk too much. Some of the funny comments from Bobby were:

When asked if he wanted candy at one house, he said "no, I already have candy. But do you have any dogs?"

And towards the end of the night, he sat down in a driveway and told me "I'll wait here, this is hard work!"

He just keeps me smiling all the time. Hope that everyone else had a great Halloween!

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Brandi said...

That is so sweet!