Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Smith Mountain Lake

This past weekend, my dad, Sam, Bobby, and I headed to Smith Mountain Lake for the weekend. Mom was supposed to come to, but because her best friend came down with swine flu, she was afraid of exposing Bobby and me to it and decided it was best not to come. We missed her and really wish that she could have been there too.

We got there Friday afternoon and checked into our state park cabin...very nice I might add. So we weren't truly roughing it, but that's alright since it decided to rain on Saturday. Despite the rain, we were able to hike (well all except me), make fires, roast smores, and enjoy our time together. I think that we have a little mountain man on our hands...he loved every minute being outside, and especially making the fires:) He and Sam have already started scoping out where in the backyard we will be putting in a fire pit.

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Megan and Adam Pfanmiller said...

Aren't the cabins at SML so nice!! We loved the rocking chairs on the back porch and the fully stocked kitchen. Glad you had fun!