Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Water Time Fun

This weekend Bobby and I went to Wilmington for some summertime fun. And we weren't disappointed. My dad put the boat in the water and we went out on the boat everyday. This was Bobby's first time on a boat, so we started out really slow. As my dad slowly increased the speed Bobby became more and more excited...he absolutely LOVED it!!! And now if we slow down for some reason, Bobby immediately starts saying and signing "more, more, more." He was so cute and had such a great time, and he of course has to sit right in Papa's lap to help him drive. Thanks dad for putting the boat in and taking us out every day. I think that we will be doing this a lot this summer.

This was also Bobby's first time officially swimming. He had a blast. He loved being in the water and able to splash. Although he really can't move too much with the life vest on, he still has fun. His favorite part was to be held up on his tummy, and then "kick, kick, kick", it was so fun to watch him kick his feet.

I'm sure that we will have many more opportunities for some fun on the water as the summer progresses!

Bobby and Papa enjoying the boat

Swimming with Aunt Tanya

And some time in the pool

And of course the prince doesn't actually walk down to the water, he gets pulled in the wagon!

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Jenni Smith said...

what an adorable water boy!!!