Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here comes the ring bearer....

Gray and Sarah asked Bobby to be the ring bearer in their wedding last month. I must admit that I was a bit aprehensive (if you know B well, you know why:)), but he was terrific. At the rehearsal there was a lot of sitting down, standing up, fidgeting and general 4 year old behavior. So I had serious doubts as to how things would go for the ceremony. But he surprised his mama, and was a great little ring bearer.

It was the perfect weekend in Beaufort, NC to celebrate Gray and Sarah! The rehearsal dinner fish fry was fantastic and although we didn't go...there was a catamaran sunset cruise. Saturday morning started with a delicious breakfast/brunch at the Beaufort Grocery Company and then the big event in the afternoon. The ceremony was great. Sarah was a beautiful bride and Gray a handsome groom. I didn't get any pictures of them together:( And the reception was held outdoors with music by the Band of Oz...which totally captivated my kids!

Congratulations to Gray and Sarah and thanks for letting us be a part of your special day.

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