Tuesday, April 12, 2011

March in review....

March was a busy month for us....and I have spent all of my "extra" time making and getting things ready for my new Etsy shop. So any computer time has been devoted to that...yet another excuse for not updating the blog...but this time I think that it is a legitimate reason:)

So Samantha and I accompanied Bobby's preschool class on a field trip to the NC State Farm Days. We had a great time seeing the baby chicks, cows, pigs, goats....the list goes on and on. Getting to sit on tractors, learn how to lasso, and getting to eat some homemade NC State dairy ice cream!

Sam and Bobby built a fire pit in the back yard one weekend. It was a labor of love on Sam's part, and we immediately had to have a weinie and marshmallow roast that evening. I think that we will be spending a lot of time around the fire pit...it was a HUGE hit with Bobby.

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Stepping On Cheerios said...

My boys LOVE the fire when we go to the mountains. They could toss sticks etc into the flames all day:)