Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Today is Earth Day, and my friend Sue (, had the wonderful idea to throw an Earth Day party for the kids. She once again graciously opened her house and yard to all of the little ones for a day filled with fun. The instructions were to bring a pot, plant or seeds of some type, a lunch dish that incorporated what we were planting, and of course extra clothes. The goal was to teach the kids about the planet, where the foods they eat come from, and the impact that each of us have on the planet. I'm not sure how much the kids retained from the experience, but I do know that they had a blast...playing outside for 4+ hours! Thank you again Sue, for letting us invade and I hope to be able to continue teaching my little ones what you started today!!

Shovels ready to plant

Adding dirt to the tomato plants

A "healthy" lunch

And just some good old fun

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Stepping On Cheerios said...

What a great idea! Hope all is well with you!