Sunday, April 12, 2009


This weekend has been jammed pack of family and Easter activities. We arrived in Wilmington Friday afternoon and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Saturday morning we went to Bobby's great grandmother Sarah's house for egg dying and hunting with his cousins. Trying to get five little boys to all do the same thing at the same time was quite the feat, but they had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed their time together. Saturday evening we had a cookout at the boatyard and more time for Bobby, Cooper and Andrew to run wild and free together.

This morning I went to sunrise service in the front yard. It was beautiful to watch the sun come up over the water while listening to the message delivered by the pastor. Then Sam, Bobby and I went to Sam's family church downtown for yet another egg hunt and Easter service.

And the day ended at Family Night Dinner at my Papa's house. Which of course meant lots of time with his Aunt Betty. Like I said it was a funfilled action packed Easter Weekend.

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Megan and Adam Pfanmiller said...

busy busy weekend! Great pictures